Full Moon Packages

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Congratulations on your Newborn Baby. The World’s Most Wonderful and Beautiful creation had just happened in your family. We are delighted to hear of this joyous occasion and we wish to be in part of your celebrations.

By now, you should be very busy attending to your Newborn.

We know we can help you to solve part of your workload in preparing your Fullmoon Celebrations in the most auspicious way. We would be glad to help you to prepare for your Fullmoon Celebrations in value and style.

We have a history of providing the best combination of Auspicious Traditional Nyonya Nasi Kunyit package to mark the first month of your Precious New Born.

Above listed are our famous Packages. For further info, please feel free to contact our friendly Representative Jen @ 017-4784320.  You will be surprised how we can make your Fullmoon Celebrations even more memorable.