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  • Our esteemed company Fook Tseng Enterprise is based in Penang. We have been in local confectionery business since 1997. Fook Tseng Enterprise has been providing and preserving local nyonya confectionery and at the same time rediscover the lost recipes of making nyonya kuih delicacies. The experience we gathered along the way has made Fook Tseng Enterprise as the only nyonya kuih manufacturer to use modern technology to produce nyonya kuih in Penang.
    Apart from nyonya kuih, our specialties include nasi kunyit, baby full moon packages, kuih melayu and danish pastries. We also provide coaching to those who aspire to learn up nyonya kuih, nasi kunyit and nyonya curries.
    Times have changed. The old heavy wok and firewood no longer are the norm in the making of nyonya kuih. Instead we use up-to-date, clean, hygiene and energy efficient equipment to produce the delicacies. We have made the point to preserve the environment at the same time producing the same quality and taste of nyonya kuih that you savour 30 years ago.
    Our established company has expanded our business from the morning and night market dwellers to hospitals, caterers, factories, cruises and right up to 6 stars hoteliers. For Fook Tseng Enterprise, the way we do business have changed but the way we make nyonya kuih remains. You will be entranced and rekindled into the olden days when you try out our delicacies. Be prepared...